What happened to The DVD Forums?

The original DVD Forums community was closed down in July 2022, after 22 years. The new owners of The Digital Fix decided the traffic was too low to be sustainable, and the necessary upkeep/maintenance and moderating hassles not worth the while.

What happened to the forums at The Digital Fix?

Colin’s statement, announcing the closure of The DVD Forums

What happened to:
forums.thedigitalfix.com ?

FORUMS CLOSING (Post 15 Jul 2022 21:17)
Hi all,
I’m really sad to report that the decision has been taken to close down the TDF forums – they haven’t had the attention they deserved for a long time and it’s probably no surprise to a lot of you. The plug will be pulled some time early next week by the looks of it.
All is not over though – driver8 has set up a new home for everyone here that is no longer linked to TDF: https://dvdforums.co.uk/
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who visited the forums since they launched in 2000 and everyone who has contributed as admin, mod or owner since its inception – it’s been an amazing couple of decades. I’m off to take a break from anything forum related for a very long time now.
Take care all of you…

So what is this DVD Forums?

This DVD Forums is run by enthusiastic fans of the original The DVD Forums. Everyone is welcome to discuss films & TV, news & politics, life & death, love & lentils.
You might see some familiar names here, especially if you frequented the old forums in the last 5 years. Feel free to register again and join us – your old logins will not work on this site, but your original username should be available. You can also set an avatar and signature in the usual way.

How can I get involved with The DVD Forums?

By joining in! 😁 Register, read, post replies, start new topics/threads!
No personal attacks please – play the ball, not the person. We all have differing opinions, and things can get frustrating at times – just take a deep breath, and keep scrolling (or jump to Twitter to have a fight!)

How can I support the new DVD Forums?

You can buy me a coffee – use your credit card or PayPal, to make a 1-off donation or a small monthly subscription.

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