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I used to work with a woman in the office who was genuinely aghast if she caught so much as a whisper or a sniff of a fart. She said that her husband never farted in front of her, and vice versa, and could not comprehend any other way! She found farting disgusting, and genuinely thought it showed a complete lack of respect.

Personally, very early in a relationhip, I would always ask before dropping my first fart, but after that it would be fine both ways (causing much merriment!) I find holding them in very uncomfortable - in fact, I would do this in primary school, being worried about the noise/smell, and I only realised a decade later that this was why I was getting stomach ache! This was in college with a group of female friends, and I/we never broke through this barrier.

I honestly can't imagine living with someone under a fart prohibition ! ??


Ha! Japanese fart competition - 屁合戦 - 'he-gassen' - paintings from 500 to 1000 years ago! >

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I was a bit worried (and still am) when I go into the office, as during lockdown, I got used to farting without thinking about where I am. Certainly Mrs F (who is a great farter) is used to me trumping round the house.